Directed by

Weina Zhao & Judith Benedikt



Two family histories, one century and two metropolises merge in one person: Weina Zhao, whose parents called her ‘Vienna’ – Wéiyěnà – because they emigrated to Austria.
Her journey into the history of China leads to the Cultural-Revolution, modern China and tackles the great issues of the 21st century: migration, identity and the search for one‘s past.

Weina Zhao lives in Vienna, her parents even named her after this city, but she has always been drawn to China and her family’s past, where the opposing realities of 20th century life came together. While her mother’s side were filmmakers in glamorous 1930s Shanghai, her father’s side were poor peasants in the North. The biographies of the two families are marked by China’s development, from Mao’s Long March to the tragedies of the Cultural Revolution, to its present. The film is a unique testimony to this part of the intellectual history of the 20th century.

Weina’s journey begins as a timid approach to her family, but very soon she encounters traumatic memories – from the Japanese occupation to cruel imprisonment during the Cultural Revolution. She opens up unhealed wounds and has to face her own process of coming to terms with the past and her uprooted identity.



My father was the first of four brothers and radiates as firstborn a certain authority. Nevertheless I hardly perceived this authority. Perhaps he just wasn’t around enough for me to notice.

妈妈 Mama

My whole life my mother protected me from that memory – and remained silent. But I know that her injuries pass over into my life as well. I carry her wounds in my body.

阿婆 A’bu

My grandmother loved it 'renao' – hot and loud, great atmosphere in Chinese. There was always a reason to celebrate and for her, as native-born Shanghainese, a cake and a fancy outfit couldn’t be missing. I wish she was still alive, in that case she would be the star of this film for sure.


The stories of my grandfather’s youth sound like the ones in the movies. His family was a wealthy family of architects and he spent his nights drinking whisky and playing poker for gold bars. He even had his own car back then, that was rare in those days.


Yeye left his village shortly after the wedding and went to the other end of the country to work at the state oil fields in the desert. Due to his good work as a technician, he and his family were transferred to Beijing only a few years later. A very special honour in Mao’s China.


If my grandmother’s life were a feature film, I would have switched off after half an hour because I wouldn’t be able to bear the never-ending tragedies and brutality.


My great-grandfather was a pioneer of Chinese film history. In 1934, he shot China’s first feature-length fiction film. He was a secret member of the Communist Party and although it was forbidden during the Kuomintang rule, he helped spread Mao’s ideology with his films.


The film 'Unchained hearts in Life and Death' (1936) shows my great-grandfather Ying Yunwei’s faith in the Communist revolution. But at the same time, it was an unforeseen prophecy of his own future.


Intimate portraits punctuated with absurd-funny moments bring us

not only closer to today’s China and its history, they also remind us of

universal themes such as identity, migration and facing up to with the past.





DOK.fest München May 06th – 17th 2020

Winner VIKTOR DOK.deutsch

ethnocineca May 7th – 14th 2020

Winner Austrian documentary Award (ADA) (in german)

Filmfestival Freistadt 26.-30. August 2020

Winner Documentary film award of the city of Freistadt

Kasseler Dokfest 17. – 22. November 2020

Nominated for the golden key – young talent Award




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EPK Excerpts (Original with Subtitles)

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Filmography Weina Zhao
Filmography Judith Benedikt




Directed by: Weina Zhao, Judith Benedikt

Written by: Weina Zhao

Director of Photography: Judith Benedikt

Editing: Birgit Foerster

Sound Recording and Music: Andreas Hamza

Script Consultants: Andrea Ernst, Andreas Hoessli

Additional Camera: Song Ting, Simon Graf, Ilkka Jarvilaturi

Camera Assistants: Nino Pfaffenbichler, Simon Graf

Additional Sound: Wayne Riley

Editing Consultant: Andrea Wagner

Assistant Editors: Julia Eder, Tobias Schachinger

Closing Song: Erzherzog-Johann-Jodler (folk song)

Lyrics: Judith Benedikt

Performed by: Lotta Schein

Sound Design and Mixing: Bernhard Koeper (Soundfeiler)

Color Correction: Matthias Halibrand

Post Production: Ulrich Grimm (av-design)

Subtitles: Mandana Taban (translatingfilms)

Graphics: Eva-Maria Frey

Translation: Weina Zhao, Isabel Wolte, David Lobner, Julia Achleitner, Julia Renner

Service Production China: Matt Clarke, Clark Wang (Shoot in China)

Production Manager: Brigitte Ortner

Associate Producer: Katharina Bernard

Unit Manager: Isabel Wolte

Post Production Coordination: Tobias Schachinger

Production Assistant: Barbara Kainberger
Producers: Kurt Langbein, Andrea Ernst
Press & Marketing: Ines Kratzmüller
World Distribution: Christa Auderlitzky (filmdelights)
Funding of Project Development Film Subsidy of the Austrian Federal Chancellery, Robert Bosch Stiftung & Literarisches Colloquium Berlin as part of the Crossing Borders program

Archival Footage:
China Film Archive, Central News and Documentary Film Studio, Kinolibrary, Michael Rogge

Special Thanks to:
The Families Ying, Huang, Zhao, Liu & Yang, Xu Xing, Yu Yifang
Roland Teichmann, Lucia Schrenk (ÖFI), Wernfried Natter, Gerlinde Seitner (FFW)
Christiane Lienhart (FISA), Margit Maier (ORF)


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